Midwest ~ Thank You!

I just wanted to reach out and let you know how absolutely honored I was to be named the Most Supportive Parent by Badgerette at the Midwest Championship this weekend.  After spending the past seven years with my two daughters being involved in poms and the Badgerette Program I can’t tell you how much you, your staff, and the entire Badgerette family has meant to us.  Your program has helped shape my daughters in such a positive way.   The leadership you’ve all provided, the avenue for them to follow their passion, and giving us an arena to interact with such positive, inspiring role models is priceless.  The inspiration it has provided our family will never be forgotten. 

Although this is our last year with the program I must let you know that it has been by far the best.  Our team left for Badgerette Whitewater Camp and came back an entirely different team.  The enthusiasm and energy they returned with is like nothing I have ever seen.  The Badgerette Family had such an amazing influence on this team and it was on full display this weekend at Midwest.  This is an incredible program and I am going to miss being a part of it.

As I sit here with tears in my eyes I truly want to thank you, your staff, and the entire Badgerette Organization from the bottom of my heart.  I am proud that my daughters were able to experience such an amazing organization.  The memories made over the years will be truly cherished. Thanks again!

~ Kristi Morgan, Madison Memorial Pom Mom (2018 Midwest Proud Parent honoree), WI