NYC Tour ~ Amazing Opportunity!

As we are reflecting back on the weekend, we just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity of the NYC tour trip!  We had an amazing time and created so many lasting memories!  We made friendships and strengthened bonds with other girls and their mothers as we shared in this experience.  We had never been to New York before and felt that we got to experience so much of the city this weekend!  You have a great team in place to make this trip one that we will remember forever-from the Bagerette staff to Gil - everyone made this a memorable trip.  We appreciate all of your time and efforts in coordinating this opportunity and we enjoyed meeting you.Thank you again!

Emily and Michele Neils ~ Germantown HS, WI

Thank you for a Great Camp!

Thank you for the great camp session! My girls enjoyed it so much :) The dances were  challenging and we appreciated it. I am especially grateful to Lauren for being the best Badgie ever!! She is so sweet and fun and hilarious! We wanted to make sure we gave her a great evaluation for her time with us! The other Badgies were awesome as well, always so sweet! Thanks again! :)

~ NeCole Royston- Pathfinder Middle Poms Coach, MI

Thank You for a Wonderful Season!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful season! The experience of my 19 girls would not be the same without Badgerette. It's been so heartwarming to hear the girls talk about the badgies like they are celebrities. And the best part is when they get the chance to talk to dancers like Maddy Spidell and the All Stars and it's as though they just met their hero. Thank you creating an environment where young ladies get the opportunity to grow beyond their dancing through their spirit. They have so much respect for this program. I couldn't be happier to be a part of this wonderful experience for 10 years now. I can't imagine leaving this one day, so expect to have me around for a long time, haha. Thank you for allowing me to grow as a coach and a person this year. It's amazing to be a part of these coach talks and hear the ideas of many.  Thank you once again!

Makenna Sattler~ Wauwatosa Esprit Juniors Coach, WI

Thank you for an Amazing Job!

Hi!  I have told you before but I feel inspired to tell you again...  Beside, people should know when they do a really great job!  Also, yesterday I think I figured out what makes your competitions different.  Truly, it might just be me because I'm an old Pom disciple, but there's a comfort level at your competitions that make it  I know...weird word...but I know you know what I mean.  It's all for good of empowering these girls and fostering a complete love of team and of dance. Thank you for doing such an amazing job year in and year out!

~ Mary Deeken, Hamilton Sparklers- Director, WI

Thank You for What you Have Done for our Team!

Thank you so much for everything you've done for our teams.  I notice a complete change in their attitudes since going to Badgerette camp last year and since I made a change in their coaching just recently.   They are so much more happy and positive about everything now and seem to reach out to other teams and appreciate them and their performances so much more.  A lot of this has to do with the friendliness of you and your staff, getting to know the girls on a more personal level and your demand for good sportsmanship.   I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do!  

~ Judy Johnson, Allegro Eminence Dance- Director, WI

I Will Never Forget It!

Thank you so much, I am feeling beyond blessed to have been a part of the 20th anniversary Badgerette All Star Talent Tour!  I would like to say thank you to you and all of the Badgerette staff that put the work in to make the tour wonderful. I had so much fun dancing in lights, in front of Epcot, and on the beauty and the beast stage, I sure did feel like Cinderella!! Thank you, I will never forget it!
~ Julia Wagner, Wauwatosa Esprit Seniors Captain, WI

What an Amazing Ride it Has Been...

Alaina reported that it was truly “magical;” that’s the word she used.  She had texted me to report her “last Disney performance,” feeling sad and telling me “I don’t want it to end.” That says so much about how she feels about the whole Disney/Badgerette experience. In my responsive text, I told her “I know it’s sad, but what an amazing ride it’s been. Cherish these final moments; engrave them on your heart so you don’t forget them.” Thank you for all that you do. As a father, I am just so appreciative for the opportunities Alaina had through Badgerette. God bless your day. 

~ Bruce Lanser, Arrowhead HS Parent, WI

Loved the Entire Experience!

We loved with the entire experience. 
Taylor enjoyed all of the tour so much and meeting so many other dancers. Our favorite was the parade. Still can't believe it!!  The dancers looked amazing at every event. What an impressive group of girls! Thank you so much for giving Taylor the opportunity be apart of this Disney tour and her tour to NYC last year. We truly enjoyed all of it.  It was so fun to see the friends we made last year at NYC again. Taylor has learned many leadership skills through poms and has been blessed with these opportunities that are unforgettable. Thank you! 

~ Wendy Ball, Sault Ste. Marie Parent, MI

WOW- Disney was Amazing!

WOW!!  What an amazing week!  Thank you so much for what was just an incredible experience!  Each year gets better and better, and Pius is so fortunate to have been extended the invitation to attend.  Thank you for providing my girls (and me) the opportunity to experience these once-in-a-lifetime memories.  When we were having our final night team meeting, that was the conversation from the girls; they are all so grateful and blessed to be a part of such a wonderful organization.   YOU make that possible for them and for so many others.  You are an incredible role model and mentor; words cannot express how thankful I am to you for making this all happen.  It is always hard for me to be away from my family; but, when I get to be a part of something so makes it all worth it.  Thank you again for being who YOU are and providing Pius with these wonderful opportunities. We will see you soon!

~ Karyn Schlachter- Pius XI Catholic HS Coach, WI

Already Excited for Camp 2017!

I hope you are doing well!  I just had to share this...Our seniors (all 11 of them) just turned in all their Senior Night info for the game this coming Friday and I wanted to let you know that nearly all of them wrote that their favorite memory of the entire season was Badgerette Camp.  Thank you sooooo much for the impact your camp had on the start of our season. Clearly it resonated with our team if almost half the girls just wrote that it was their favorite memory.  The girls ran into our Badgie right before our Kick performance at "State" and they were just so pumped and crying so much by the "omen" of our season theme to "Rise Up" and seeing our Badgie right before the performance.  Thank you for bringing this amazing auro to our program and giving us something to connect to.  We are so looking forward to returning this summer!

~ Kristi Hogan- Mukwonago HS Varsity Coach, WI

Badger State was Awesome!

Thank you! The Badger State Competition was absolutely terrific, we're so glad we went!   Next year I want to bring our other teams too, they'll love it.   My girls were in awe of the great performances, and the UWM and UW teams... wow!    The Sun Prairie people were very organized and helpful, everything ran perfectly.   Thanks again!

~ Judy Johnson, Allegro Eminence Director, WI

Thank You from Esprit

Thanks for an outstanding event in Madison yesterday.  The Badger State Showdown was, again, amazing!  We are so grateful to you, Sun Prairie, and your entire Badgerette staff for making the day run so smoothly for a competition of this size and top-notch caliber.  The support from all of the teams and the audience was so positive and it continues to be such a pleasure to perform for them.  We were inspired by so many remarkable performances.  Thank you, again, for providing another wonderful experience for my team and all of those in attendance yesterday.  

Badgerette is, indeed, the best!

Pat Premetz ~ Wauwatosa Esprit Seniors, coach

The 2016 Midwest was Incredible!

Just wanted to thank you for an unbelievable first Midwest experience for Sun Prairie HS. They were blown away by the talent and fun the weekend always brings and have come home motivated to make their year better than ever. I'm pretty sure I cried like 8 times during Grand Champ Evening between Pom Parents and Hall of Fame and Miss B- SO GREAT! :) Love love love all of it! Thank you so much!!

Kayla Droese~ Sun Prairie HS Varsity Coach, WI