Thank You~ Wonderful Day!

This is the competition our Varsity and JV look forward to each year.   They ENJOY everything about it; seeing other team routines, watching dance and hip hop, performing, etc.   They live in a little bubble with their school performances during the year, so to end our season with the Spirit Competition is pretty exciting.   They were so thrilled at the end of the day, not just because they were bringing home a "Spirit of Heart" trophy, but because they feel they performed their BEST that day. I have to compliment again your beautiful, kind staff!!!!  We always feel well taken care of ~ very organized day!!   THANK YOU for all your hard work, it is so appreciated not only by myself, but the girls on the team as well.   By the way, the T-SHIRT was an absolute A+ we loved the design and especially the color!!

~ Moni Kosloske, First Immanuel Lutheran Coach, WI