Heartfelt Thank You!

A heartfelt thank you for the overall experience at Disney World!   The amount of details involved in your planning were extensive.  Former Pinckney Pom dancers and their parents who participated in past All Star Disney tours inspired us to expect amazing moments.  They were spot on!  The iridescent poms moving up Main Street toward Magic Kingdom's castle in the Electric Parade was so thrilling!!!  Epcot and Hollywood Studio performances were awesome!  The "extras" such as the celebration dance with confetti, Disney dance class, and exposure to operations behind Disney scenes were overboard wonderful for the dancers.  You're a great role model for women -young and old.  The high expectations of technique really energized Pinckney's team over the past couple years.  And, I especially appreciate the emphasis Badgerette places on personal poise and showmanship. All the dancers and families are fortunate to experience your program. Really, really terrific memories!  Thank you so much.

~ LaVerne Cotham, Pinckney HS Pom Parent, MI