I want to take a moment  to try to thank the Badgerette organization for the amazing and memorable events that took place in Disney 2015.  Words cannot begin to express our true gratitude and appreciation for these fantastic moments of "magic" you gave not only my daughter, my family, our team and the all the dancers and their loved ones who joined us in Disney.  Saying I am proud doesn't even begin to explain many of my emotions, but true thanks for the motivational speeches and inspiration and the example you show the girls of what true beauty is.  I guess when my daughter was young, I could only dream that she could dance in Disney World toward Cinderella's castle and now I can say that is a reality.  Thank you for making dreams come true and allowing these "princesses" to see that hard work does pay off.  And may they one day have the "magical" feeling that I had thanks to the Esprit family and the Badgerettes for making "dreams come true."  Thank you again!   

~Tammy Jones, Wauwatosa Esprit Seniors Pom Parent, WI