WOW- Disney was Amazing!

WOW!!  What an amazing week!  Thank you so much for what was just an incredible experience!  Each year gets better and better, and Pius is so fortunate to have been extended the invitation to attend.  Thank you for providing my girls (and me) the opportunity to experience these once-in-a-lifetime memories.  When we were having our final night team meeting, that was the conversation from the girls; they are all so grateful and blessed to be a part of such a wonderful organization.   YOU make that possible for them and for so many others.  You are an incredible role model and mentor; words cannot express how thankful I am to you for making this all happen.  It is always hard for me to be away from my family; but, when I get to be a part of something so makes it all worth it.  Thank you again for being who YOU are and providing Pius with these wonderful opportunities. We will see you soon!

~ Karyn Schlachter- Pius XI Catholic HS Coach, WI

Already Excited for Camp 2017!

I hope you are doing well!  I just had to share this...Our seniors (all 11 of them) just turned in all their Senior Night info for the game this coming Friday and I wanted to let you know that nearly all of them wrote that their favorite memory of the entire season was Badgerette Camp.  Thank you sooooo much for the impact your camp had on the start of our season. Clearly it resonated with our team if almost half the girls just wrote that it was their favorite memory.  The girls ran into our Badgie right before our Kick performance at "State" and they were just so pumped and crying so much by the "omen" of our season theme to "Rise Up" and seeing our Badgie right before the performance.  Thank you for bringing this amazing auro to our program and giving us something to connect to.  We are so looking forward to returning this summer!

~ Kristi Hogan- Mukwonago HS Varsity Coach, WI

Badger State was Awesome!

Thank you! The Badger State Competition was absolutely terrific, we're so glad we went!   Next year I want to bring our other teams too, they'll love it.   My girls were in awe of the great performances, and the UWM and UW teams... wow!    The Sun Prairie people were very organized and helpful, everything ran perfectly.   Thanks again!

~ Judy Johnson, Allegro Eminence Director, WI

Thank You from Esprit

Thanks for an outstanding event in Madison yesterday.  The Badger State Showdown was, again, amazing!  We are so grateful to you, Sun Prairie, and your entire Badgerette staff for making the day run so smoothly for a competition of this size and top-notch caliber.  The support from all of the teams and the audience was so positive and it continues to be such a pleasure to perform for them.  We were inspired by so many remarkable performances.  Thank you, again, for providing another wonderful experience for my team and all of those in attendance yesterday.  

Badgerette is, indeed, the best!

Pat Premetz ~ Wauwatosa Esprit Seniors, coach

The 2016 Midwest was Incredible!

Just wanted to thank you for an unbelievable first Midwest experience for Sun Prairie HS. They were blown away by the talent and fun the weekend always brings and have come home motivated to make their year better than ever. I'm pretty sure I cried like 8 times during Grand Champ Evening between Pom Parents and Hall of Fame and Miss B- SO GREAT! :) Love love love all of it! Thank you so much!!

Kayla Droese~ Sun Prairie HS Varsity Coach, WI

Great Week at Camp!

I wanted to thank you so much for the incredible week I had at the St. Norbert's camp! Badgerette has truly blessed me with unforgettable memories and once in a life kind opportunities! Thank you so much Ms. Anne for providing me with such an awesome time at camp! I can't believe it's already my senior year and I honestly can't imagine my life without poms. Poms has and always will be the highlight of my high school career. I also wanted to thank you for giving me the honor to be apart of the all star team! It's a dream come true and I'm so grateful for the opportunity! Thank you again for such an incredible time at camp that I know I will never forget!
~ Kate Hook, Wauwatosa Esprit Seniors captain, WI

I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your feedback and support at Badgerette camp this week! We had a great experience and thoroughly enjoyed the process, and that was in large part due to you and your staff. You were so welcoming and made us feel so comfortable!  And you provided us with so many great tools and advice to use throughout the season. Thank you again!  Good luck with the rest of your camps this summer, and we will hopefully see you soon!

~ Lauren Kelty, Sussex Hamilton HS Coach, WI

Thank you for a Wonderful Camp!

I just wanted to thank you times a million for an amazing week at Carroll. I think both teams grew so much over the 4 days and we have you and the staff to thank. Both Rachel and Kathryn were amazing sisters! Thank you as always for your positivity, guidance, and help to make us better human beings and dancers. We thought it was a very special week! Varsity is so excited to go to Midwest!  Thank you so much for your help! I can't wait for the team to experience Midwest! Thank you again for everything!!!

~ Kayla Droese, Sun Prairie HS Varsity Coach

Thank you for the Inspiration!

Thank you so much for inspiring the girls this past weekend at the leadership workshop! I have gotten several texts from the girls who went with their plans and goals for the team. I am so impressed and excited that they are taking what you said at the workshop and putting into play! I can't wait to see what they do! I even got a detailed picture with a breakdown of exact times, what is going to be worked on at practice, and how they are going to do it! I just couldn't believe my eyes! I'm so proud. So thank you so much!!

Stefanie Sievert ~ Cudahy HS Varsity coach, WI

Thank You for an Amazing Trip!

Anne and Ginger and the Badgerette Staff, Thank you so much for giving our team such an amazing opportunity to be a part of the Disney All Star Talent Tour.  It was such an amazing weekend.  We loved dancing with so many wonderful teams who love this as much as we do. The memories will last a life time.  This truly was such a wonderful experience and we will never forget it. I am so thankful that you continue to create experiences that allow young women to grow as performers and as people.  Your continued focus on love of performing, dedication, hard work and positive sportsmanship is so wonderful. Thank you for inspiring coaches to be messengers of your positive message. Thank you for teaching us how to be better. Thank you so much for all you do.  Badgerette is so special and I am so very thankful for everything you do for us. Thank you again for giving us such a wonderful experience!

~ Jamie Krohn & the James Madison Memorial Pom Team, WI

Amazing Disney Trip!

I can't thank you enough for the amazing experiences you have provided me with for past five years I have been with Esprit. After this amazing trip to Disney, I have been thinking so much about what you and Badgerette have done for me and who you have inspired me to be. Dancing through the Magic Kingdom and seeing the reactions on people's faces is something that I would have never been able to do without Badgerette.  One of my favorite parts of the trip was being with the new girls on my team for the parade. The feeling in my heart is something that I will never forget. Badgerette creates experiences that are so special and empowering for me, and I am so lucky to have been a part of it all. Thank you for inspiring me to be a strong woman, a strong leader, and a caring individual. Thank you for giving myself and my team the opportunity to travel to Disney the past two years, and Hollywood last year. The memories from these trips are irreplaceable, and the friendships I have made with not only my teammates, but girls from other teams are so special to me. Lastly, thank you for believing in me and for believing in Esprit! We work so hard and it feels so amazing to see the work pay off. None of this would have been possible without you!! I am going to miss this so much next year, but thank you for making my senior year wonderful. 
~ Maggie French, Wauwatosa Esprit Seniors, WI

Disney Memories!

I wanted to thank you for the amazing opportunity you gave my team and I! It is truly a once in a life time experience! I had a blast performing all over Disney World! None of it could have been possible without you! Thank you for working behind the scenes making sure everything is perfect! I will never forget the memories I got to make with my beautiful team. Thank you again for such an incredible experience! I hope you have a great day :)
~ Kate Hook, Wauwatosa Esprit Seniors, WI

Wonderful Disney Experience!

Thank you for a wonderful experience in Disney again this year.  My mom, sister and I had a blast watching all the girls perform, in the parade at Magic Kingdom, at Epcot and Hollywood studios.  While waiting for the Epcot performance I was able to chat with some parents from Eau Claire North, it is always nice to meet other parents and share stories about our daughters.  What an awesome experience this trip was for my family.    We are so thankful to you and your staff for everything they do for the girls.

~ Deanna Wagner – Wauwatosa Esprit Seniors Parent, WI